Okay, so to channel David Bowie on this blustery winter day, you may be noticing some changes on this blog! My goals for 2014 included an overhaul on this blog, as well as a commitment to posting once a week. I may have missed last week…I’ll make up for it. I promise!
I’m trying my best to streamline the look and feel of this blog with my limited knowledge of HTML, graphic design (Hello, Photoshop for Dummies) and the need to connect via social media. Special thanks to Jenny over at Prairie Californian for her help with all my questions and encouragement!
I decided to base my color scheme off of none other than my favorite pair of cowboy boots!

Cowboy boot wedding

The Turquoise Blue boots I wore at the wedding. The hubs loves my addiction to cowboy boots, just not the cost!

I also decided to base the title off of my faith in Jesus, time and the weather (1 Tim 6:12-fight the good fight), the fact that we are still a farm family, doing what we do best-farming, and my need to purchase multiple pairs of cowboy boots. My apologies to my husband’s pocketbook.

Cowboy boots

Just a few of the pairs of cowboy boots I own. Some are not pictured.

When I originally started this blog, it entirely focused on Hewitt Farms more than anything. As I continue to grow (with our farm, personally, professionally, the length of my hair…you get the idea) I decided that this blog may take me other places and through other ideas. I’m still going to blog about our farm and what we’re up to, but I might throw more of some everyday living stuff in there, or craft projects I’m working on, or maybe an update of where we are at with that horse the hubs promised me.

I’m still debating changing the URL to the blog so bear with me if that happens. Don’t worry-we are still Hewitt Farms over on Facebook, where you can catch up with us at any time. You can still email us at I was just in the mood for a change. Maybe it’s the January/winter blues?

What do you think of my new title? The changes? Leave me a comment and let me know!