About Sara

I grew up on a 200 acre corn and soybean farm, raising cattle, sheep, hogs and sunflowers as well as making honey and maple syrup. I guess you could say I’m a Jack (well, Jill) of all trades when it comes to farming.IMG_4025

I have a B.S. and a B.A. from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  I’m currently completing my Masters in Agriculture Education and Communication through the Ag*Idea program at Kansas State. I am also a graduate of MARL – Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program through SMSU and University of Minnesota Extension. I am a current Farm Business Management student through South Central College, and in the 2016-2017 Connecting Nicollet County cohort.

In 2010, Mark and I expanded our family by 1, bringing Charger, our chocolate lab into the mix. He is our pheasant hunting dog and a sloppy drinker (he’ll slobber his water all over your lap given an open opportunity). In 2015, we welcomed our daughter, Harper, to our crazy life. She has been an absolute joy and we enjoy every minute watching her learn new things and grow. I am excited for the future of the next generation. SCC-AgStaff-101

My passions lie in agriculture, baking, photography, scrapbooking and horseback riding.

I’m the garage sale queen, cowboy-boot wearer, coffee addict, camera happy one, sap who cries watching Undercover Boss, and 6th generation farmer in control of this blog so all opinions are my own and are subject to varying levels of caffeine in my system.

I’m so glad you decided to visit this blog and I encourage you to contact me at hewittfarmsinc@gmail.com.


  1. Hey! We found your blog, all the way from Norway. We enjoyed reading your thoughts on farming and life in Minnesota.
    Two thumbs up !
    -Renathe and Bjørn-Thomas, Norway.

  2. Thanks Sara for sharing your views on this proposed buffer strip bill. You made several good points and I hope they are considered when the vote comes up!

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