About Sara

What do you need to know about me?

I grew up on a farm, went to college, took a break from farming, went the long way around and found my self back in agriculture.

In there I met the Hubs – my Mr. Farmer, got married, took some amazing trips, graduated from MARL, bought a house, moved from said house, started raising bees, and bought a farm.

I also became a mom; Harper was born and time stood still for a while. Now with a rambunctious toddler – time seems to be moving faster than ever.

I thrive on coffee, donuts are my love language, and I attempt a 5K every once in a while when I go through a “fit” stage. I have a love-hate relationship with my camera so photos are sporadic. My cowboy boots are worn everywhere. I work…a lot both on and off-farm to make the dream work. I read more articles, books, magazines, and newspapers than I have time for. All opinions are my own – but I do my best to back them up with facts…due to all that reading I mentioned. Weeknights are often spent with puzzles, swinging, choo-choos, and stickers for the toddler. I find nothing works better to clear my head than an early morning with coffee and a sunrise, on the dock at my family’s home farm.

Thank you for visiting.



  1. Hey! We found your blog, all the way from Norway. We enjoyed reading your thoughts on farming and life in Minnesota.
    Two thumbs up !
    -Renathe and Bjørn-Thomas, Norway.

  2. Thanks Sara for sharing your views on this proposed buffer strip bill. You made several good points and I hope they are considered when the vote comes up!

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