A Farm Animal Birthday

As my readers know, Harper turned the big old 1 in April. I am still in denial. It was like someone flipped a switch after her birthday party. She went from wobbling to cruising, her vocabulary expanded, the tumbles got bigger (um, chipped tooth and a whopping goose egg on her head are just 2 examples), and all of a sudden things like mom signing her up for swimming lessons started.

In true Harper fashion, being the little farm girl she is, a farm animal themed party was in store. We couldn’t have just any farm birthday though, it had to be a PINK farm animal theme party. I wanted to share some of the photos and ideas we used at the party for any other farm mommas out there, or if you just want to host a farm theme party! My Silhouette Cameo and I became best friends the month leading up to her party – I did cut outs, HTV, and more with it for the first time ever!

Harper's farm animal themed invites!

Harper’s farm animal themed invites!

Let’s start with the invitations. My friend Mallorie who has an amazing Etsy shop, designed Harper’s birthday party invites for me. I told her I had found adorable pink paisley napkins and to go with a farm animal theme. How cute is that little piglet? And a few days later, she had created this cute custom invite for us! Mallorie is on Facebook too so check her out!

Next, let’s talk decor. As I said, I became very friendly with my Cameo, but I also enlisted the help of Pink Tree Papers from Etsy for cupcake toppers. The rest was up to me!

The adorable cupcake toppers! We had to have cowprint tablecloths and pig cookies too! My mom made pig cookies in honor of Harper's heritage since her Grandpa Marvin ( my dad) was a pig farmer.

The adorable cupcake toppers! We had to have cow-print tablecloths and pig cookies too! My mom made pig cookies in honor of Harper’s heritage since her Grandpa Marvin ( my dad) was a pig farmer.

I printed out all of Harper’s monthly photos that we had taken over the course of her first year, and hung them in between these 2 cute garlands. It was so fun to see the changes. Poor thing was so skinny her first 4 months of life!


I adore tissue paper garlands – so easy to make! Also…fireplace doors make your legs look awkwardly stubby.

I also made a Happy Birthday Banner for the wall. I realized I forgot to take a photo of the barn welcome sign I made that was hanging outside the front door too. I’ll be putting that in her scrapbook at some point. I made the banner just general – this mom will be reusing it every year there is pink or gold involved.


My tulle lights I started before Harper was born, and have yet to actually finish them. I used them at her baby shower, in her room, and now for her birthday. If you ever decide to make tulle or rag lights, make sure you find the shortest strand of lights known to man kind. I was using a set that was extra from our wedding.


I decided to try something new – a time capsule. Can you believe it will be 2033 when she is officially 18? I thought it would be fun to have guests write her a note or memory for her to read when she turns 18. I designed it, printed it out, framed it, and used pink paisley paper for note cards.

time Capsule.

The time capsule for her 18th birthday.

The time capsule all set up.

The time capsule all set up. The pink gingham tablecloth is from  Oriental Trading.

The drink station included cow-print and pink stripped straws. The punch is just “bridal shower punch” – 7up, Hawaiian punch and sherbet. I have 2 of these big punch jars that resemble canning jars, and I use them at every part. Best purchases I have ever made!


I picked up this cup for Harper at a random Holiday gas station that I stopped at. I had been saving it, and it was perfect for the occasion. She loves normal adult straw cups, and Little Miss Bossy Boots enjoyed the cup at her party.

Harper with her custom cup.

Harper with her special cup. Headband is from Julia Grace Designs. 

The cute bib I made her for her birthday!

The cute bib I made her for her birthday!

We will never speak of the difficulty I had cutting that darn  gold HTV, but her onesie and bib turned out so cute!

Harper with her cow cake, custom onesie and cute little ribbon skirt I all made for her!

Harper with her cow cake, custom onesie and cute little ribbon skirt I all made for her!

And what farm birthday is complete without a cow cake? Okay…I seriously love all of those amazing custom farm birthday cakes. I remember telling Mark, lets just spend the money and get a cute barn cake. I showed him pictures…we were so close to doing it. I was all like, no, I can make cupcakes, and I can do a cow cake. I’ll just buy the pre-made fondant stuff, I can do this. I can do this! I made a tractor cake once. This should be easy. Note – don’t ever attempt fondant for the first time, 11 at night, when your rolling-pin has already been packed in a box for your move. BAD IDEA. Just buy a cake, any cake…it won’t matter 10 years from now, and your sanity will be intact.


And one outfit change and one nap later…a first birthday party was complete.





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