We Bought a Farm!

I’ve been dropping hints, but now that we have officially signed the papers, I can announce…

We Bought A Farm!

Our little slice of land is 25 acres with a home, a machine shed, and a few other outbuildings.

Our slice of country living. A big old square farm house, a big machine shed, and multiple outbuildings.

Our slice of country living. A big old square farm-house, a big machine shed, and multiple outbuildings.

We have been working so hard to get to this day, and over the course of the next few weeks, I will be writing about things we did to position ourselves to purchase, things we chose to overlook, and why we chose what we did. Being young farmers, it wasn’t easy by any means, but hard work does pay off.

We are so excited to be able to finally have our place in the country, where we can bring our livestock home finally, make some livestock additions, farm our own land, and raise our daughter. It is an amazing feeling, even if that feeling comes with the added hard work and long days. We know it will be very rewarding.

I will be posting photos of all of our renovations, changes, and work that we do to the farm. Frankly, it needs a lot of work, but that is part of how we were able to afford it at ages 25 and 27. We are willing to put in the hard work needed to fix the farm up.

I will be starting a series about our Farm House Renovations on this blog that will include our home plans, barn changes, fencing, clean-up, etc. for all to see. A few friends have asked me to do a post or two on what we did to set ourselves up to be able to purchase a farm. I will be upfront right now and tell you that we did not utilize a FSA loan of any kind for the purchase which is what most young and beginning farmers do. For us, the FSA loan did not fit into our timeline nor did it like the home with the land, so we opted for a traditional mortgage with our bank. Having a good relationship with your banker and credible relationships with your FBM instructor and others in the community goes a very long ways. We were blessed to have them work with us and for us every step of the way to get it done.

We are equal parts terrified and excited for this next chapter of our lives. Renovations will be done in phases, I’ve already got plans for chickens and a pig will be making its way home with me after a career fair event in April. My poor husband doesn’t know what he got himself in to on the livestock front! He didn’t grow up with livestock, and I did, so it has been something I have greatly missed. Razzy will be moving to her permanent home early summer – we have been so blessed with where we have boarded her the past 2 years, and we know that she will miss it. We are in the process of looking for a friend for her, as she has bonded with her pasture mate there.

We will be showcasing our honey house renovation on the blog as well – we are so excited for that part! We are hoping it will be running by fall so we can open it to guests to come and watch honey extraction.

There are times where we turn to each other and go what did we get ourselves into with the amount of work, time, and money we have already put in and all we know we still have to do, but we go back to our phases plan, and our little sketches of what we want our farm site to look like, and it keeps us trucking along.

The wallpaper blues...I literally have about 3 feet of wall done and I want to throw in the towel.

The wallpaper blues…I literally have about 3 feet of wall done and I want to throw in the towel.

We wouldn’t mind if you offered your help with fencing, tearing down a barn, removing wallpaper or tiling a floor either…hint hint to any professionals out there! We are also looking for deals on used equipment, fencing, feeders, etc. as well so if you are in our area and you know you have some you are looking at parting with – let us know. ;)

A big step, with lots of big dreams, all laid into workable plans. That is what we are doing. Building our farm, and building our future. Scary but exciting. Yeap, that is what I’m sticking with.




  1. Fabric softer works great on stubborn wallpaper. Downy I have found is the best – I has about 4 layers in a bathroom/laundry room to remove and I just sponged it on with a large cleaning sponge and let it soak a but then scrape it off with a large putty knife. Came off in sheets. Don’t be surprised if you go through a few bottles of Downy; or if you have to scrape off a layer then reapply.

  2. Congratulations, Sara! I knew (from your mom) that you were buying a farm place. I am incredibly happy for you to be living your dream. You are a determined couple who proceeds with sensibility and practicality. I look forward to following your progress here.

  3. Spray a section with the hottest water from the tap you can get. Let it soak and move to the next section. Then go back and scrape the first section, keeping it wet.

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