Holiday Beauty Swap

I love the beauty swap that Crystal does a few times a year on her blog, Crystal Cattle. It has been a great way for me to connect with other women in agriculture all over the United States. This time around, I was paired with Myla from the Purple Front Door, who was co-hosting the beauty swap with Crystal.

Myla and I connected over a few things such as horses, Farm Bureau activities, and her work as an Ag in the Classroom Coordinator. Her passion for connecting kids with agriculture is very inspiring. Myla also is a big crafter, and you can check out some of her projects on her blog. They are very cool, and I’m a tad bit jealous! None of my projects ever turn out that well!

You can check out what I sent Myla here. I sent her a few things from my favorite cosmetics line, It Cosmetics, and my favorite product for adding volume, Powder Play. I use it every time I need a little added “oomph” to my hair style.

I was so excited as I came home from my latest MARL experience to find a package from her in my mailbox!  Just in time for me to open it and leave again for the weekend with the goodies in tow in my suitcase!

Myla sent my goodies in this gorgeous package!

Myla sent my goodies in this gorgeous package!

Beauty Swap contents!

Beauty Swap contents!

We had talked about my love for chapstick. I think there is a trait that runs in my family involving chapped lips, and she sent me the stick EOS lip balm. I didn’t realize it came in a much more convenient tube form. I have the little spheres, but Myla is right – it is super awkward to fit those in a pocket. She also sent me the Smashbox mascara. I  had told her how horrible I am at replacing my mascara when I should…oops. It is also waterproof which is a must for me. She sent me the Revlon ColorStay lipstick too, and it definitely works. As a mom on the go, my hair often gets left to a pony tail, and the headbands she sent will help dress that up. I have never tried the SPARK drink before, but if it gives me a little more energy to keep up after my crawler, I’m all for it.

I tested out the mascara, the lip color and the Smashbox photo finish primer sample over the weekend for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in. The lip color survived  photos, the wedding, drinks, and dinner. I just kept reapplying my chapstick over the top, as I mentioned, chapped lips are just what I deal with. The color was fantastic with my skin tone, and I loved the mascara. I had never used the primer before, even though I have quite a few of the sample packets at home (I event sent Myla one, great minds think alike), but I think I will be using them up after this, and ordering an actual full size product!

Harper was the flowergirl in the wedding that I used most of my beauty swap goodies for!

Harper was the flowergirl in the wedding that I used most of my beauty swap goodies for! She’s into headbands too…we are still working on that whole hair thing! 

Thank you again to Crystal and Myla for hosting the beauty swap! It was so much fun!



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  1. This Swap was a smashing success! I too loved the Smashbox primer and plan to go buy it once I’ve used up my current one. We are peas in a pod! And I LOVE that pink lipstick with your skin tone! It is truly fantastic. I hope you enjoy the SPARK! I usually have one in the morning before going to the gym, but some afternoons I have another one to keep me going! Have a great week, Sara!

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