Christmas Gifts for the Farmer in your Life

We all know Christmas is right around the corner since Thanksgiving is almost here! I am not a big Black Friday shopper. If I do any shopping on Black Friday, it is from the comfort of my pajamas, coffee in hand, in front of my laptop with free shipping. I also find myself often buying “unique” gifts because there are certain items that a Farmer might want for Christmas versus everyone else. I often find my Christmas list looks a lot different too when I want a new pair of gloves or a Carhartt!
Here are some ideas for the farm men and women in your life this Christmas!

First, gifts for the farm woman in your life…Gifts for Farm Women

  1. Columbia Women’s Gold 650 Turbodown Radial Vest – A good vest is essential out on the farm. In Minnesota, you need something that will keep you warm, when it isn’t quite full-on jacket weather. This beauty of this vest is it has thermal reflective warmth, a 550g fill down and a 100g synthetic insulation. Sounds about perfect for when the weather starts getting chilly in those cold states!
  2. Hers Shovel & Spade Fork set– Women are built differently; it is just a fact. So sometimes it can be a pain to operate certain equipment on the farm. This shovel and spade fork set are ordered to size and are ergonomically geared towards women, who have more strength in our lower body (the Lord blessed us with thighs and hips!), and come with a 10 year warranty. Well worth the price tag this Christmas.
  3. Carhartt Bib Overall – You can’t ever go wrong with the gift of Carhartt! They are warm, durable, and can take a beating. They wash well, wear well, and work equally well for farm chores or ice fishing!
  4. Yetti Rambler Tumbler – This has been on my wish list for a while. When you are going to the field and in & out of tractors all day, you need something that will keep your drink cold (or hot) and the Yetti Rambler Tumbler is the answer to that predicament! I have a thing about having ice in my pop, in fact, fountain pop is my absolute favorite. I would definitely be filling this up at the local gas station with my favorite carbonated beverage for field work or long drives!
  5.  Large Round Bale Cinch Net – The love we have for our livestock is extremely strong, but nothing makes a woman more upset than wasted hay. Well…I’m sure there are some things, but the cinch net from Hay Chix helps answer the issue of a mess of hay in the barn or out in pasture. Anything that makes our life less of a hassle come chore time is a good gift.

Now on to the gifts for the farm men!

Gift Ideas for Farm Men
  1. Mechanix Gloves – You can never go wrong with gifting a pair of gloves. Ever. The hubs’ favorite are the Mechanix gloves, and to be honest, I love the women’s gloves too! The best thing about Mechanix gloves is probably their cut resistance. Farmers are often dealing with sharp objects such as sheet metal, aluminum, disk blades, augers, etc. and these gloves help resist cuts and give needed grip. I chose to highlight the safety colored ones because the more visible are workers are on the farm, the better!
  2. Maglite – A Maglite is probably one of the best flashlights on the market still. They are very durable if they get dropped which is a huge thing on any farm & are water-resistant. Side story – my brother killed a raccoon in our yard with his Maglite once. They are tough old flashlights, and double as protection from wildlife!
  3. Craftman Workbench – Every man needs a good work-space in the farm shop or garage. Craftsman is one of my go-to brands when searching out tools, and this 6 foot bench has a 1400 lb. load capacity to help your farmer get the job done!
  4. DeWalt Air Compressor – If you don’t have a large, free-standing air compressor, this one should do the trick for most of your farmers needs. An air compressor of some type is needed for a farm shop. I like this one because it is portable so if you needed to move it around a shop or to a garage, you could. P.S. If you order from Grainger, and you are a Farm Bureau member, you are eligible for 10% off your order.
  5. Stanley Thermos – Coffee is necessary on long days in the tractor or in the barn. The classic Stanley thermos will keep your farmers coffee warm for the entire day.  The cap doubles as a cup, and I have fond memories of my Dad pouring himself a cup of coffee from his Stanley thermos. The hubs has this thermos as well, and says it works like a charm. If you are looking for a last-minute gift for your farmer, this is it!

Do you have any “go to” gifts for your farmer? I have heard everything from a massage or chiropractor appointment to a gift certificate for new boots. I hope you enjoy your time spent shopping and picking out gifts for that special farmer in your life!



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