Harvest 2015 Update

Harvest 2015 is almost a wrap! We have 1 field left to harvest and some tillage to do. We typically consider harvest “done” when the last crop is out of the ground, even if we still need to do some fall tillage.

It has been a crazy fall. I picked up a second job for September and October. Mark and I are currently completing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a class I will talk about more in another blog post, and we are trying to position ourselves to get ready to buy our own farm. So that means, Harper spent a lot of time riding in the tractor with Dad while I was at work. May I present exhibit A?

child in tractor

I’m pretty sure Harper will be able to drive the tractor by herself by the time she is one at this rate!

She also spent a lot of time with Grandma Jeanette, Grandma B, and Great-Auntie Corrinne. Our friends Pete & Abbie, and Jackie all chipped in to watch her too! Thank you to everyone who has helped out during this crazy time!

There is no way we could get harvest done without all of the awesome help we have. Family, friends, and landlords all come out to help drive tractor, semi, combine or even bring their own equipment to help get it all done. Farming has its own unique community, one I am very thankful for!

family farm harvest 2015

Mark’s uncle Darren helping out during harvest, running the grain cart

Of course, there are always break downs on equipment. We had everything from a pretty good oil leak in the combine, to sensors that quit working to semis that decided to break down.  Some days, I really wonder how they even get any combining done. Although, I think we evaded the year of flat tires this harvest (knock on wood) unlike a few years ago when I think every piece of equipment needed a tire repair at some point.

chisel plow

Mark checking over the chisel plow before working soybean ground.

Combining soybeans

Combining soybeans

We have been very lucky with this fall. Most farmers were done with all of their harvest by the 2nd or 3rd week in October due to dry weather. We also have been able to save a lot on fuel for drying since the corn has been coming out of the field at just about perfect moisture content. Now, we are finally getting a few days of rain, which frankly, is okay. It was getting extremely dry, and with Mark, Ray, and Kevin all on the fire department, they were called to 2 different field fires during harvest as well.

In all honesty, this has been a very different harvest with a little one in tow. We are so thankful she is such a good baby, that is content to ride a long in the tractor or get switched into Grandpa’s truck at 8 at night for the ride home.

I will be glad when we can finally all relax a little bit.


Soybeans being transferred from the grain cart to the semi.

We were able to sneak in a quick trip to a corn maze about an hour from our home after it rained one day, and then didn’t dry out soon enough the next. While others are busy visiting apple orchards, pumpkin patches, etc., we often don’t find time to get to any of these with being in the field every day. Harper wasn’t really sure about the corn pit. She was more interested in watching all the rest of the kids running around in it. We also decided if all else fails, we will just put a maze in our corn field and charge a $15 entry fee! Uff-da!

Harper in the corn pit at the corn maze!

Harper in the corn pit at the corn maze!

With harvest 2015 almost in the books, we did learn a few lessons – do not get a 2nd job during harvest time, do not take a class during harvest time, and always remember an extra bottle for the baby!




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