Mom Fails…or Truths

I’m 5 months, almost 6, into this whole new mom thing. There are days where I feel like I have my life together, and others, like today when I have 8 piles of laundry on the floor and dishes in the sink that I am completely overwhelmed. I also have made promises to myself this won’t become a mom blog, but being a new mom is kind of what has taken over my life right now…well, that and studying for my chemical applicator license!

Mark and I were talking the other day about the crazy stuff that happens to you while being a parent that no one tells you about or you never would say out loud. Well, I’m going to chime in with some of my “mom fails” or a I like to call them “mom truths” because let’s face it mommas, we have all had those crazy times even IF we don’t like to admit it! So here’s to motherhood!

  1. When I told my husband “She’s getting to big for the swing,” I should have phrased it “Do not put the baby in the swing.” Chaos ensued with Harper hanging upside down for about 3.7 seconds before we rushed to grab her out of the swing. She laughed. We looked at each other horrified.
  2. Diapers on backwards. I don’t know what it is with Luvs but every time I go to put them on they are backwards, and then I have to do a quick switcheroo. It could be because I’m lacking sleep, either way, this problem has never happened with Pampers.
  3. Lansinoh Lanolin. This crap stains like none other. Why is there not a big fat warning on the tube or giant flashing letters on every mom website out there about this?! I have just about given up trying to get this out of any of the shirts I wore while using it, and all of my nursing bras and tanks shall be stained forever.
  4. Thinking I needed a bassinet. This is what cribs are for. And Swaddlers. And Sleep Sacks. And monitors. Your sanity and bedroom will thank you, the sooner you get baby used to sleeping in a crib. I’ve heard transitioning a baby from one of those Rock ‘n’ Plays to the crib can be excruciatingly brutal. Although, the bassinet stayed in the room and made a nice storage unit for my books and tablet! I kicked it out around month 2 to storage.
  5. Beware when sniffing a baby’s bottom. You never think that sniffing a baby’s butt will become routine to you while you are pregnant (there are many times you will say to yourself, “I will never do that!” Oh, but you will!) but it is a daily occurrence to determine a dirty diaper. Just beware…babies CAN and WILL fart in your face while doing this, which will result in your husband going into hysterics, falling to the grass, and laughing for 10 minutes. True story.
  6. Freaking out over what we thought was a temperature. Harper was around 3 weeks old, when the hubs took her temp because she was cranky and freaked me out because it was 100 degrees. Holy crap, a baby with a temperature! The end results was lots of googling, repeated temperature taking, a call to the nurses line, and finding out that a normal temp for baby can be a range from 97 degrees to 100.4.
  7. Forgetting burp cloths. #1 fail when you have a child with acid reflux! I forgot a burp rag once when we went to church. End result – the extra pair of clothes  I packed were used. I forgot a burp cloth while we shopped at Hy-Vee one day. Her toy bee became said burp cloth. We do a lot of laundry.
  8. You know that old saying “Never wake a sleeping baby?” There is a reason that it is a saying. We made that mistake one evening thinking she wouldn’t sleep through the night since she went down so early. No folks, she needed her beauty sleep and she wanted it now!

    Our little chunky monkey keeping us on our toes!

    Our little chunky monkey keeping us on our toes!

So there you have it a few of my funny “mom truth” moments. What are some of the fails you’ve had as a mom?




  1. Oh, the adventures are just beginning! :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m on the other end of motherhood–empty nester–and fondly remember those baby days.

  2. Like Paula, I’m on the other side of this with kids grown and gone. If I was to do it all over again, I’d be a bit more relaxed. That came with having more children. But with the eldest, there was so much to learn. You’re best off going with your gut and instincts father than reading books or online. Resources are helpful, to a point.

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