Farm Momma Necessities

 When you are a farm momma, you know that your baby will be out and about in some unique places like feeding calves, brushing out a horse, or riding along in the combine.

Farm moms often turn to other farm moms for advice on “must haves” to keep your baby safe, occupied and still with you while you continue to do your routine chores around the farm. We all know farm work doesn’t stop just for a baby. I know I was told right away to get an extra car seat for in the combine or tractor (we found one on a buy & sell site) and an extra pack ‘n’ play you could set up in the shed or out where you were working (we had a Farm Bureau friend graciously give us one).

There are many things that might make a farm momma’s life easier or they might prefer based upon how they want to parent. Some of this I am looking forward to using this fall during harvest. Here’s a few things that make my life easier when giving Razzy a good brush out or extracting honey!


  1. Ciao Baby Portable High Chair. We received this as a gift from my brother and his fiancée. I am excited to use it this fall during harvest season for suppers out in the field. The tray is covered in a clear vinyl making clean up an absolute breeze. I like that they are in their own chair at a level you can reach. We have a Bumbo with tray too, but it is way to bulky to carry anywhere, and I hate having to feed Harper on the ground. This puts her at my level, and folds up into a carrying case just like a lawn chair!
  2. Dura Built buckets. Why would a farm momma need a feed bucket for a baby? Hear me out. Babies poop and puke. Harper pukes a lot thanks to acid reflux. We soak a lot of onesies. These feed buckets are absolutely perfect for soaking onesies, changing pad covers, etc., when the mess happens, and it will happen mommas. Trust me.
  3. Dove Dry Shampoo. Alright, so this one isn’t for baby. This is for momma. It will make your life so much easier when a shower is just out of reach but your hair needs some serious help. Even if it is just for a run into town to get rabbit food or dewormer for the horse. Hair fixed in 60 seconds. You’re welcome.
  4. Baby Bjorn. Or any carrier for that matter. I have a Boba wrap as well, and have my eye on a Tula Toddler for next year. These are a must for doing anything around a farm. Harper goes in the wrap or the Bjorn  when we go to the garden to pick veggies, she goes in there for brushing out her horse, she goes in there for rides in the tractor or skid loader, and she goes in there when extracting honey (if we didn’t get her to sleep in the stroller). Get whatever kind/brand you want/prefer and fits in to your budget. Don’t read reviews – everyone has something bad to say about every carrier – the ergonomics, the straps, the stretchiness…wahwah. Pick what you like. I like the option of having a carrier and a wrap. The hubs will only wear the carrier.
  5. Insect Netting.  My mom actually made me one out of sheer curtain that she added elastic all around. We found the curtain for $1 at Goodwill. It works great, but it stays at Grandma’s house because we do a ton of yard work and wood splitting every time we are there. For $8.99 you can pick this pack up to cover your Pack ‘n’ Play while working out in the barn or in the yard, cover your stroller if you have your little one in that while doing chores, or even cover your carrier if your little one is still asleep after a drive to check livestock and you need to set her outside while you water flowers.
  6. Infantino Disposable Squeeze Pouches. I love making Harper her own baby food. So far she has had green beans and carrots from my garden, pears and peas. It is much more cost-effective than buying baby food containers, although I always keep them on hand for traveling. I bought the Infantino Fresh Squeeze station as well. We will be trying a lot of squash and apples this fall and I’m excited to make my own blends with spinach, quinoa, cereals, and blueberries and put them in these pouches. I can freeze in them, throw them in our cooler with the spoon attachments and feed her on the go in the field, while delivering straw or hay, and then just throw the pouch (not the spoons) when I am done. Maybe I’ll try the reusable pouches in the future, but when it is extremely long days and late nights during harvest, I don’t want to have to worry about washing out the pouch, thus why the disposables are the way to go for me right now!

There you have it. Things that make my life easier as a busy, working farm momma. Some days the dishes still pile up, and Harper refuses to nap in her crib but we just keep taking in all those smiles, laughs, rocking on her knees and hands (at not even 5 months old, Lord help us), and soaking in the moments, even when they involve puke.

Farm mommas/wives/farmhers – you rock. You have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and you are doing it all while showing that little one with you what a wonderful job that truly is, and how blessed we all are to be working in agriculture.

Harper loving her Ciao Baby Portable High Chair in Camo of course!

Harper loving her Ciao Baby Portable High Chair in Camo of course!

What item/tips do you have for mommas on the farm?




    1. My mom says that too! She tells me all the time she just stuck me in a backpack because they didn’t have carriers while doing hog chores! My mom actually had my dad leave one of the sow pens empty and that was my “play pen” in the hog barn! haha!

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