Introducing Harper Louise Hewitt

Almost 2 months later, and I am finally getting around to announce that we welcomed our baby girl,

Harper Louise Hewitt on April 16, 2015.

Our baby girl on day #2 of her entrance into this big old world!

Our baby girl on day #2 of her entrance into this big old world!

She weighed in at 6lbs. 12oz and was 21 inches long.

Harper Louise is named in memory of my father, who’s middle name was Louis.

She arrived at 7:35 pm after an overnight stay for me while contractions continued to increase and get stronger. I had an epidural around lunch time which finally meant I could get some sleep. We didn’t have any complications throughout the entire birthing process, until the next day. I ended up with a spinal headache from the epidural. It was nasty, and hopefully something I won’t have to repeat. I wish they would have told me that they had noted in my charts that they had a reflux of cerebral fluid back when they did my epidural and a whole lot of pain and a bad blood patch experience could have been avoided. I attempted a blood patch on Saturday before going home, to no avail. There seemed to be some miscommunication with lab, the nurses and the anesthesiologist on what needed to be done and what supplies were needed. I ended up going home with an unsuccessful patch with orders to drink lots of fluids and caffeine. By the time Monday rolled around, I told Mark that I was going to the ER for a second patch, as I barely could function to take care of miss Harper.

I am so thankful for my amazing husband who stepped right up to the plate and took Harper to her first appointment by himself while my mom took me to the ER. I had a different anesthesiologist and nurse, and 30 minutes later, a successful blood patch was administered. 100% better. My mom helped us out tremendously through all of this – so thankful for her. I came home that night and snuggled Harper as much as I could. I finally felt as if I could enjoy being a mom.

Miss Harper Louise

Miss Harper Louise

It has been challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. Well, maybe I’d change all the spit up – reflux isn’t fun! You think you are prepared with 9 months to get ready, but they place this tiny little baby into your arms, and your entire world shifts. My heart is so full every single day watching her change and grow, worrying about every little thing, making memories with her and so much more. Something so tiny changes every waking (and sleeping) moment. I adore watching Mark with her as he is an amazing dad. From changing diapers to tummy time to going for walks, he does it all with her. Harper has him wrapped around her little finger, and he will fully admit it. I honestly never knew it was possible to love someone even more, but watching him with her has filled a whole other space in my heart. Our love for this baby girl is beyond words.


I won’t lie – It has been a lot of coffee – bless my husband’s heart when he walks through the door with Caribou in his hand- loads of laundry full of pink clothes, pictures (check out that Instagram feed!), laughter, tears, diapers and a full vehicle for every outing. I now fully understand mommy brain. I also now know to pack extra clothes for myself and her for every time I go out. In fact, I keep an extra shirt in my vehicle at all times. I find myself trusting my instinct more than ever. I cried when Mark used the wrong bottle of  thawed milk from the fridge, and fully understand why mommas call it liquid gold. I have found a new relationship with my Television, and Harper will probably be a football fan with as many episodes of Friday Night Lights as we’ve watched. We are thankful for a baby who has been sleeping 6-7 hours a night since week 6. Don’t ask me how we did it – swaddling, lights out and a bedtime between 10 & 11 consistently apparently? I think we just lucked out. I have forgotten the stroller at home, more than once. I’ve nursed in my vehicle and totally respect mom’s who can do that for an entire year. I’ll just be happy if we can make it the 12 weeks of my maternity leave. That has been a challenge all on its own. Mark and I have laughed hysterically at baby burps, farts, dirty diapers and the number of outfit changes that happen in a day. Feed pails from Mills Fleet Farm work fantastic for soaking onesies in case you were wondering! We already made a decision on what age Harper will get her first pony at. Our nightly entertainment is now smiles, coos and laughter. We all have family tummy time together. I think I might like her toys more than she does at this stage. My mom already bought her her first Barbie. Family walks are more of a workout with a stroller, but a lot more fun too. I have learned to be more patient, something I was never good at before. I have been stretched to my limits, then stretched some more. I have been exhausted, only to get up and do it all again. I have relished in the sight of baby smiles, and perfected my singing voice with the ABC’s. I appreciate yoga pants even more now than before. Like most moms, I struggle with what my body looks like now, but work at it every day. I’m still working on the balance portion of being a mom, an employee, a wife, daughter and my own person – and I’m not sure there is ever a “balance” per se, but maybe a rearranging, a new normal with it all.


Life sure is different, and if this baby girl is anything like the two of us, she will be giving us a run for our money. She has opened my heart to a whole new world of triumphs, hurts, worry, happiness and a future I am excited for.  I wouldn’t have our crazy life any other way!






  1. what an awesome post – congrats again to you all. Your well told story helped me recall my sweet memories of motherhood, the overwhelming emotion that floods over a person. I never could have realized the deep, deep depths of love when you become a parent and thank God for the privilege of being mom to my three beautiful children. It also took my marriage to Dan on a whole new exciting path. Thanks for rekindling my memory bank! Hugs!

  2. Sara, this post shines with your love for Harper and Mark. I think you covered everything a new mother thinks and feels in a totally real, honest and loving way. Print this out for Harper’s baby book.

    As for the spinal headaches and the blood patch, I’m sorry you had to endure the pain. I went through the exact same thing with Caleb.

    Your Miss Harper Louise (love the middle name after your daddy) is beautiful.

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