River Valley Woman – Today’s Faces of Farming

Who would have thought…I’m now a cover girl, and at 8.5 months pregnant none the less!

I was recently asked to be part of the Women in Ag Issue “Today’s Faces of Farming” put out by River Valley Woman, a local publication that serves the Mankato/New Ulm area region.

April issue of River Valley Woman

April issue of River Valley Woman

I was pretty honored when they asked me to be the feature. Their reasoning? Because I am doing so many different things in agriculture! Maybe it is because I’m interested in it all, or I just love agriculture that much or that I thoroughly enjoy giving back to my ag community, but I never really thought of myself as “busy.” I just do it all because I love it. Yes, I work a full-time job in ag. Yes, I farm. Yes, I volunteer my time on boards in my community. Yes, I help do all the communications for our farm and our businesses. Yes, I am going to school for a Master’s in ag. Yes, I am in the FBM program. Yes, I am completing a rural leadership training. Yes, we are expecting our first child smack dab during planting season and honey bee arrival. But honestly, none of it ever feels like work because I thoroughly enjoy doing it all, learning more every day, doing the research, interacting with others, and being in the tractor.

Ag is in my blood. I grew up on a Century farm and continue to farm that same exact land today. I hope to be able to continue that farm far into the future, and pass the same love I have for the land, animals and livelihood to my children. I did not take a traditional route of ag education, but I think that helps give me a very different and often consumer driven perspective to agricultural issues. I also think agriculture needs to embrace those who don’t take the traditional route – we need everyone working in ag to make a difference and help feed the growing population.

I am lucky enough to be able to work alongside my best friend and husband as we work to build our honey bee business, Sweet Cheeks Honey, continue our education through Farm Business Management, operate farm land with his brother and contribute to the family business. We are both passionate about agriculture, and the legacy we are working to continue, that it doesn’t make any of it ever seem like a job.

I love working along side my husband, who is one of my biggest encouragers!

I love working along side my husband, who is one of my biggest encouragers!

If you are in the area, I invite you to pick up a copy – there are some amazing women in Ag featured as part of it, including my friend Wanda from Minnesota Farm Living, and you’ll even catch a photo and information from some of our relatives, the Annexstad’s who operate a family dairy in the county over from us!  I love that there are so many amazing women in ag featured in this magazine. Honestly, there were far more deserving ladies I work with and know for the cover and feature story than me. There are days where it doesn’t feel like we can move our ag dreams ahead fast enough or get where we want to be. We still have so much we want to do in agriculture and with our farm dreams! I just sincerely hope more women will consider a career in agriculture be it in communications, IT, finance, education, procurement, seed sales, soils and plant health, engineering…the list goes on! We need everyone, and we need good ideas & perspective.

Don’t forget to read the latest edition online!

A special thanks to Despres Photo and River Valley Woman for their work on the story and photos, and giving me a chance to be featured and tell my story.

Doing some online communications via the iPad for our businesses.

Doing some online communications via the iPad for our businesses.

Out with one of the hives before we start adding more.

Out with one of the hives before we start adding more.

P.S. For those wondering from the article, no baby update yet – I’m thinking rock picking in the skid loader this weekend might help with that situation. ;)




  1. Good luck on the inducing labor via operating farm machinery! I tried everything from the combine to tillage to you name it – and it was my third pregnancy. Nothing worked. The little one will come when he or she wants too. Congrats on the magazine article!

  2. Congratulations, Sara! You are a beautiful and well-deserving cover girl. I love that you and Mark have such a passion for agriculture. To have your passion as your life’s work is a real blessing.

    Hang in there with your sweet baby. She will come when she’s ready.

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