My Favorite Things – Baby Edition

Baby Edition

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of our little peanut here any day now. I’ve been telling her if she would just listen to her mom and dad starting now and come out, it will make her life a lot easier in the long run ;)

So far, no such luck.

We’ve been busy preparing for her arrival – finishing up her room, installing her car seat, washing baby clothes, cleaning and reorganizing the house. We’ve been trying to prepare as much as we can because we know it will be a very busy spring. Our little family of two will soon be a family of three, and we are feeling very blessed.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things so far that are baby based that we have received as gifts, picked up for her or are still contemplating purchasing.

1. This adorable Farm Girl outfit! We received it as a gift from the ladies at my work! I work with an awesome group of ag women, and this was absolutely perfect coming from them! I can’t wait to put it on her, and seriously that little windmill detail on the hat? So cute! I’m sure she will be coming in for a visit to work, and this might be the perfect outfit for the occasion!

2. Sakatah Colors burp cloths. Mark actually picked these out for her – I was impressed! He picked them up while we were shopping a while back in Mankato, and decided we had to purchase them because they were just too cute not to get. He’s starting to turn into a girl dad – don’t let him fool you. ;) They are super soft and seem like they will be quite absorbent as my mom checked out the backs, and they are actually a cloth diaper type material. Sakatah Colors is a locally owned shop in Mankato that sells via Etsy and in the Salvage Sisters store in Mankato.

3. I learned to be a grammar freak in college thanks to my English degree. Now that I blog, not so much. However, I still thought this pacifier was too funny to pass up! She’s been getting read to almost every night, so I’m pretty certain she’s going to come out talking at this point. ha.

4. Smith & Wesson revolver sign. We didn’t want her room to be too girly and too babyish. This was important. I’m not really a fan of crib mobiles, baby animal themes, or stuff that is just plain babyish. I wanted her room to be able to grow with her so we chose very soothing colors a light tan and pink with white furniture. I also did a gallery wall. What other lucky little girl gets a Smith & Wesson sign on their wall? This one sure does. Dad may have picked it out, but mom approved.

5. So I did mention how adorable Sakatah Color’s burp cloths are, but they also  make adorable leggings, headbands and sweatshirts. I’m not really a fan of their maxi-skirts for babies – that’s just weird to me. But I did go and purchase a few pants and headband sets for her from their Etsy shop. Everything is super soft material in adorable patterns from floral to tribal. She also makes headbands for adults and scarves!

6. The Chicco Activ3 stroller. Mark and I looked at a BOB, then saw the price tag. We then registered for this beauty because it fit our car seat! We are both pretty active people, and Mark did quite a bit of trying out before finding a jogger he thought could keep up with him. Let’s face it, I’m going to be 10 feet behind him and the stroller like I always am when running with him. He is a freak of nature with running – low blood pressure, larger than average lung capacity…yeah, and I’m just huffing and puffing behind him. It has a lot of great features from an adjustable handle to a swivel lock for the front wheel. Lucky for us, my mom and sister love us and purchased this for us for our shower! Now it is just patiently awaiting a little baby and her car seat for her first stroller ride!

7. Mushy Books. I haven’t purchased a baby book yet, because I have been pining over this one from Mushy Books. I love the simplicity, the design and how it isn’t so babyish. But the price tag on this little beauty is preventing me from ordering it. I still love it. I’m still contemplating it. We’ll see.

There you have it. A few of my favorite things – baby edition.



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  1. This was just so fun to read and learn about Sakatah Colors, especially. I was hoping to catch you after church yesterday and wish you well. But since I missed you, know that I am thinking of you and Mark and your precious daughter and praying all goes well. She is going to be incredibly loved. Oh, she already is. You two are going to be great parents.

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