Skating through December

December has been a month. When I thought 2014 would go out with a bang, I didn’t really mean the “bang” we got this month.

I received these homemade ornament skates from my boss and his wife, the saying he wrote with it was fitting for my December.

I received these homemade ornament skates from my boss and his wife, the saying he wrote with it was fitting for my December.

I received this adorable handmade ice skate ornament from my boss and his wife for Christmas. However, the saying my boss wrote with the ornament, is what I really chose to reflect on. He wrote,  “May all the curves in life and on these skates be joyous!” 

December has definitely been a month of curves, and we are figuring out how to skate through them.

I started out the month with an ER visit, 2 additional ultrasounds and then a 3 day hospital stay. I was off work for an entire week. I had blood drawn 7 times in 5 days. I had to finish off a round of strong oral antibiotics besides the IV antibiotics I was given in the hospital. I’m still dealing with reflux back into my kidney, and most likely will be for at least another month. The good news is, our baby girl is doing great. She has a strong heartbeat and is a mover and a shaker. In fact, the docs tend to scold her because she moves so much, and they can’t get their measurements during the ultrasounds. I am doing a lot better, but will have to keep an eye out for a few additional things the remainder of the pregnancy.

I wrote about my car in last month’s post. I said I have a husband who can pretty much fix anything on it (perks of being married to a mechanic) but I  think I jinxed myself in the process. We’ve spent about $600 just to get the parts we need to fix my vehicle, but finding the time to actually get it fixed is a whole other story. Hopefully that gets on the agenda for this weekend.

Our microwave decided to take a crapper over the weekend too. It will heat a cup of coffee or water for tea, if you put it in for 3 times as long as you used to. Defrost a pound of hamburger? Yeah, that ain’t happening. I guess 6 years of being toted back and forth from dorm rooms, apartments and houses, it was ready to give up. Guess what I’m getting for Christmas?

Last night, I walked into the bathroom only to notice a strange-looking stain on the ceiling and wall. Checked and there sure is a soft spot there on the ceiling and now we have a contractor out looking at repairing our roof the same week as Christmas. I’m hoping for a patch job until we can decide what to do this spring. The basement bathroom was on our list to remodel, not the upstairs one!

Curves in life. They definitely come when you least need them. My dad would always say, it is to keep us humble or this too shall pass. There is one way to make 2014 go out with a bang, and we definitely are doing that in December.

At the same time, I am thankful that I have a job where getting time off a the drop of a hat has not been a problem. For family that has come to our rescue from doing chores, sitting with me at the hospital or even sending flowers. It has meant so much to both Mark and I. We took the time this weekend to finally put up our Christmas tree and a few decorations. It definitely makes it seem a little more like Christmas now.  Now if only the rain would stop, and snow would replace it for a white Christmas, I would be happy. Mother Nature sure is being fickle this year.

I was still able to get to a conference where Jolene Brown was speaking. I had wanted to see her for a while, so I put on my stretchy pregnancy pants, took some Tylenol, slapped a heating pad on and made sure I was there. She was utterly fantastic. I cried, I laughed, I cursed (oops), and it really made me think about our future on the farm, if there is one, and how we move forward. It isn’t always easy. I know of farm families that have made some tough decisions this year from selling off herds to going back to work full-time, etc. Making decisions are never easy, but Jolene really makes a great point that you have to be a business first family, because if you respect the family, you will do business right. This is something Mark and I are working hard at figuring out for Sweet Cheeks Honey, and if we want to continue to do the crop farming side of things.

December has also meant lots of Christmas goodies, candy and work potlucks. I figure I have the best excuse to eat now, so I am taking full advantage of the fact that calories don’t count during Christmas, and especially when you are expecting!

So we’ve been skating through the curves in December, and are hoping we have smooth ice to start out 2015. I am really hoping the curves ahead are joyous from here on out!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



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