Cozy Box Swap Reveal

I participated in the Cozy Box Swap over at Lipstick and Tractors. I thought it would be kind of fun, especially living in Minnesota when winters equal the need for all things cozy!


I was paired with Brandi herself. I’ve met Brandi over social media, so it was fun to get to exchange with her. I sent her a box with a blanket (she lives in Iowa so she gets snow too!), some fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, knitting needles and yarn (she told me she was learning to knit, a perfect snowstorm activity if you ask me), and some ornaments for her tree.

On to what Brandi sent me…I may have dove into the chocolates (pregnant-no judging!) without taking a picture, and put the fuzzy socks on right away! Whoops! :) My feet are always freezing, so the socks went on immediately!

My goodies from Brandi!

My goodies from Brandi!

I am really excited about all the new ornaments for my tree! My tree will go up sometime over the weekend after Thanksgiving, so these will all be on there! I love the rustic feel to them!

I also love the idea of the hot cocoa in a mason jar! I have never thought of that before, and she sent me some cocoa, these pretty gold paper straws, and Christmas tree marshmallows to top it off. It is snowing-around 6 inches today, and I’m thinking hot cocoa in my mason jar with a pretty straw and some Frozen on T.V. might be just what tonight calls for!

She also sent me this fun pumpkin pie chapstick. I love pumpkin everything, so I’m excited to use this! I’m saving it for Thanksgiving and am going to whip it out at my Mom’s. She’ll get a kick out of it!

This was a fun swap to participate in! I love the idea of just a box full of cozy, wintry goodies right around the holidays. It definitely put me in the mood for the holidays!




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