Things You Start to Worry About

Many of you know my husband joined the volunteer fire department in our town back in January. It was something he had been wanting to do for a while, and when an opening was available, he applied. He loves it. He jumps at the calls at 3 in the morning when his pager goes off from a hazy slumber trying to pull his socks on to me yelling his coat is by the other door. Really, it is quite comical. Someone should probably come video tape it. He has fallen over more than once on the wood floors while making a dash for his keys. Some times I wake up before him and he is sitting straight up in bed in a daze, like the call isn’t for him, as I yell at him that yes that was a call for you guys, now get moving!


For me, the pager going off scares the living daylights out of me every single time. I think I jump out of my skin, figuratively speaking of course. I’ve had some wives tell me I’ll get used to it…I’m still waiting for that part! I also worry like crazy the entire time he is on a call then too. I am usually awake the entire time he is gone, praying for his safety, the safety of the other guys and gals on the department, and for the people involved. The longer he is gone, the more I worry and the harder I pray it seems like.


I think all families with a firefighter in them can relate!

I couldn’t be more proud of my husband for joining the fire department, and helping others when they need them most. He definitely loves what he is doing. I know if I was in some of these situations, I would want people just like him responding in a minutes notice to help them and their families. I’m thankful that there are men and women who will answer these calls during times of pain, confusion, sorrow and emergency. I respect the men and women who answer our emergency calls and wear the pager, without hesitation.

But it got me thinking, with a baby on the way, what do other fire, police, etc. wives do in regards to newborn babies and pagers?

We are planning on having a bassinet in our bedroom for the first few weeks while we figure this whole baby thing out, and I’m literally fearing a sleeping baby being awakened by an emergency page blaring across our room. Even with turning the pager down, I’m worried that Mark won’t hear a page and miss a call. He gets the calls on his cell phone as well, so no matter what, something will be going off (including a crying baby probably!) Do you just adjust your newborn baby to the life of a firefighting family at a week old? Or is there a trick I’m missing?

All the things you begin to worry about when a baby comes along…





  1. Thanks to you both for answering the call to serve. Does the pager have a vibrate-before-sounding setting? He could try tucking it under his pillow to be jarred awake with the vibration. Personally, that’s the only reason I am alerted to an alarm since I don’t hear anything when I’m sleeping.

  2. Hi, new here!
    So, I think this is great that you are proud of him and that he is serving like this!
    Congrats on the pregnancy! I’m not sure, but I figure after a while the baby will get used to the noise, or maybe he can get were he turns it off quickly, we have an alarm in our room, and it never bothered the sleeping baby much, just quickly stopped it.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hey Joe! It does – but Mark doesn’t wake up when it is only on vibrate and not the actual sound. We tried that method. Slept right through a night with two calls. Ha!

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