Rock the Vote Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is election day. That means it is up to you to get out there and vote.

rock the vote

Rock the Vote 2014!

Here’s what I urge you to do if you haven’t already..

Make sure you are a registered voter. If you didn’t pre-register, you can register at your polling place. Make sure you have the correct forms of ID with you when you go to vote. If you don’t know where your polling place is, you can find it here. Once you do that, you can look up a list of your candidates, visit their websites and even see what a sample ballot will look like so you can familiarize yourself. Not every candidate will have a political party (especially in terms of your judges, county commissioners, etc.) so it is important to know what they are passionate about, or what their past rulings have been. You can read candidate interviews from your local papers typically to find out more concerning those kinds of positions.

I had to pre-register this year, since we moved. I have different candidates to vote on this year, than years past because of the move, so I made sure to look up as much information on each candidate as I could. I checked out who they were endorsed by, their views on certain political issues, read their interviews in local papers and even talked to a few of them personally.

Remember to go out and vote, but make sure you are an educated voter as well. I have changed my mind on a few votes just in the past few days after doing more research on candidates. If you don’t know something about a candidate or are wondering their stance on an issue, ask! Don’t be afraid to talk to them about what is affecting you and what concerns you! -Sara 


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