Fall Beauty Swap

I decided it would be fun to participate in another Beauty Swap from Crystal Cattle & Messy Kennedy. The Beauty Swap pairs women from around the U.S. and then they get to learn a little more about each other and swap some great beauty products. It is a fun way to meet someone new and get a little treat in the process (as well as treat someone else!).

I was paired up with Anna Wastell over at Team Wastell. Just like me, she is expecting her first child early this spring, so we discussed some of the pregnancy woes and triumphs and plans for our babies. She works for a company that sells all kinds of equipment for hog operators and gets to travel with her husband (who works there too-it is a family business) quite a bit. I took that into consideration when choosing some of what to send her – making some things smaller or “travel sized” so easier to pack for her trips across the U.S.!

The Lorac Pocket Pro Pallet is a mini version of their pro pallet.

The Lorac Pocket Pro Pallet is a mini version of their pro pallet.

One of my favorites I sent her is a mini version of the Lorac Pro Pallet. It is one of my favorites as I travel to quite a few conferences now for work to just throw in. I love my Urban Decay Pallet, but this is simplified with 3 shades that you can wear day or night and adjust accordingly for where your travels might take you!

Now, on to what I received in my package from Anna!

Check out all the Beauty Swap Goodies!

Check out all the Beauty Swap Goodies!

So many beauty swap goodies!! I tried the lightest nail polish first. It has a light pink tint to it, but it is a great neutral color that I am definitely going to be using over and over again.

Smokey eye coming my way!

Smokey eye coming my way!

I love a good smokey eye look. My eyes tend to change color from a dark brown to a hazel to a green depending on the day, so I almost always go with a smokey eye look since those colors work for me. I’m excited to try all of these eye shadow goodies and perfect my smokey eye look with them. I also love that the shadow pallet tells me exactly how to apply it for the perfect look.

Chapstick in all it's glory!

Chapstick in all it’s glory!

I cannot live without chapstick. I have multiples in my purse, multiples in my desk at work, some in the vehicles,  some by my bed, some in my makeup case…you get the idea! My mom always said that my Dad’s side of the family always dealt with chapped lips- almost all of my Uncles on that side an my Dad carried Carmex with them all the time. I can’t say I’ve ever tried the Burt’s Bees chapstick only their tinted lip shimmer, so this was a winner for me! I plan on keeping this one with me at all times in my purse!

Thank you to Anna for all the wonderful beauty goodies! I have had a fun time trying them all out and am loving everything! Thank you to Crystal and Ashley for hosting the fall beauty swap! It has been a blast!




  1. I had no idea Lorac had a travel size of the pro pallet. I’m going to have to see if I can pick that up. What a great idea. It is great to find you via the beauty swap. I’m headed to look around more. Happy Monday!

  2. I have the Lorac mini Pro and I. freakin. love. it! It’s so easy to use and the colors are blendable. I love the nude as a highlight and you’re right, you can perfectly take it from day to night!

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