Top 10 Signs it is Harvest Season


Every farm family knows that when harvest season rolls around, things change around the house! I’m sure it differs a little from family to family, but here are our Top 10 Signs it is Harvest Season

  1. The grocery bill increases exponentially, and is filled with things like cases of Mt. Dew, Doritos, Little Debbie snacks and an abundance of Snicker bars!

  2. The counter tops are covered with aluminum baking trays, paper plates, sandwich baggies and disposable coffee cups.

  3. Corn and soybeans can be found in the bottom of the wash machine every day.

  4. When turning on the heating or air conditioning in your vehicle, you get a nice puff of “bees wings” (corn screenings) coating the inside of your vehicle. In the case of white vehicles, your outside is now pink as well.

  5. The electricity surges every time the corn dryer kicks in so the dining room lights dim for a few seconds.

  6. Your husband breaks out the actual coffee pot to make a large thermos for the day. Sorry Keurig, you don’t cut it during harvest season!

  7. You accidentally start driving to work with your hazard lights on without realizing it.

  8. Conversations now revolve around test weights, moisture content, yields and if the rain will hold off.

  9. Supper now happens in the combine, tractor or semi. If you want to spend time with a family member, you ride along for a few rounds.

  10. One or both of you aren’t in bed until well after midnight, every single night you are in the field. Some times it isn’t until 2 or 3 in the morning. Coffee is your best friend during harvest season.








  1. I find it difficult trying to get them something different to eat every day .you want them to have A healthy lunch and supper sometimes that’s really hard

  2. Oh so true! Around here we have 24 hour a day sugar beet harvest. Life is absolutely consumed with it – and if the kids want to see Dad they have to ride in the tractor with him! But it only lasts a couple of weeks, then on to more normal harvest hours! And sandwiches – I have made many sandwiches!

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