We’re Growing!

Farm Hand  Wanted  On the Way! 




We are so excited to share with you that we are expecting! Baby Hewitt is set to arrive in April just in time for spring planting season (which should make for an interesting spring on the farm!)




We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little farmer, and as you can see had some fun taking our announcement photos! Special thanks to HMD photos for her wonderful work!



Every appointment has gone perfectly with peanut measuring right on target and a very strong heartbeat. We are so thrilled with this next chapter in our lives, and feel especially blessed. The Lord has blessed us, and answered a prayer for us to be able to begin a family. We continue to ask for your prayers throughout the pregnancy.




  1. Congratulations, Sara and Mark! I am beyond excited for you and cannot wait to congratulate your (Sara’s) mom the next time I see her. You two are going to be wonderful parents.

    What a creative photographic way to share your news.

    Also, happy anniversary! I can’t remember the precise date, but know it’s around this time in September.

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