What I’m Digging This Week!

Favorite Things #3

Here are a few of the things I have been enjoying lately and wanted to share with you!

1. Avocados. Seriously can’t get enough of them! I’ve been putting them in everything! Quesadillas, smoothies, on my burgers and in chicken sandwiches. It is a good thing they are super healthy for you since I’ve been eating so many of them. I invested in a handy avocado slicer/pitter an it was the best investment ever made! Makes it a lot easier and safer than a butcher knife! Pretty sure the hubs can rest easy now, knowing I won’t lose a finger while slicing one of these up!

2. Viva La Juicy Perfume.  Okay, so I bought the roller version from Ulta Beauty so it was a heck of a lot cheaper, but this stuff smells heavenly. I had a sample of it from a beauty buy and was wearing it, when the hubs mentioned how great it smells. I decided to invest in a step up and the roller perfume makes it super easy to tote around in my bag to and from work and other functions.

3. Moleskin Notebooks.  I purchased my Moleskin notebooks last spring at my college bookstore, but you can find them at any Barnes & Noble or online from the Moleskin store. They are these awesome notebooks that come in various sizes that are perfect for scribbling, doodling, writing and more. I have them in various sizes and use them to journal, write notes in, and even keep a fun restaurant tracker in a pocket-sized one.

4. Ariat Fatbaby Women’s Boots. I found these in the bargain cave at Cabelas for $60 about a year and a half ago and they have become my go-to boot for the barn. They are one of the most comfortable pair of boots I have worn and they slip on and off super easy. I put them on when going to see my horse, go out to the field, or just do yard work. Really-world’s most comfortable boot!

5. The Oster My Blend Blender.  Do you ever have that one item you register for on your wedding registry thinking you probably won’t get it, and it’s kind of a “fun” item that you want but don’t really need? This was my item. Lo and behold someone bought it for me along with an extra blender bottle. I haven’t really put it to good use until recently and it works like a charm. I was a little worried it wouldn’t blend frozen fruits, but it does perfectly. I make a smoothie in the morning with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries that are all frozen, add some yogurt, spinach and juice and wala, morning breakfast to go! Did I mention above I’ve been adding avocado?

That’s what I’ve been digging recently here at Hewitt Farms. Got an item you think I need to check out? Make sure you let me know!



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