Tractor Tuesday Y’all

How many of you have heard of #tractortuesday over on Twitter? It is a fun way to post photos of all of our beloved tractors and share some stories behind them too! I’m going to post a few tractor photos for you today and share some stories behind them!

From oldest to newest…drum-roll please:

1949 D Case

1949 D Case

This beauty has a story behind her that is still unfolding!

Ahh…my work in progress. I saved this 1949 “D” Case from an auction held just up the road from my parent’s farm. It had sat partially submerged in a swamp for probably for 25-35 years, as you can see from the rims. This gentleman’s auction literally featured thousands of tractors, trucks, snowmobiles, and Lord knows what else. It was amazing to see all of these tractors lined up and pulled out from his woods and swamp ready to be auctioned off. He passed away and the county ordered his wife and children to clean up the place, thus the auction taking place. There were lots just spray painted off and sold as is, that went for well over $90,000. It was a sight to see. My family still owns a threshing machine that my grandparents and great-grandparents used. They originally ran it with a “D” Case. I am not sure whatever happened to the original tractor. I’m sure it got sold somewhere along the way and replaced with better equipment. My goal is to have it run the thresh machine one day again, just for fun. We are going to be hopefully moving it into the shop here once the snow melts, and start restoring it. I’m not exactly sure why I want to dump my money into it, but it seems like a good project for myself. Now…anyone know someone who can make me a set of rims?

Case 2390

Case 2390

The 2390-the last big piece of equipment on my parent’s farm.

The 2390. The source of hate and love in my family. This was the last piece of “big” equipment my family purchased. My mom sold it on down the road to another farmer two years ago. When it was first purchased, it was top of the line. Heck it even had air conditioning! But, times change, technology advances, and when my dad purchased our last planter which used GPS, things didn’t quite jive. Luckily, my Dad was one of those farmers who didn’t need GPS to tell him how to plant his rows straight. She had seen her fair share of good days and bad days, and had been worked on more than once. However, selling her, was kind of an end of an era for my family. It was a realization that times change, and the farm was moving in a different direction.

John Deere 8360RT


The JD 8360RT has some pretty awesome technology in it.


The John Deere 8360RT. Now, in case you didn’t notice my family grew up on Case; my husband grew up on John Deere. This was the first tractor I learned to drive that had all the bells and whistles on it. I did mention that our “big” tractor had minimal technology-but air conditioner, blessed AC! Now, as much as I hate to admit I drive green tractors, I do. I also drive yellow tractors, as we’ve expanded the fleet with Challenger equipment as well. I love the Autosteer in this tractor, and all the screens giving me data as I go.


There’s a glimpse into Tractor Tuesday. You can see how tractors have changed just from the three photos I posted. As farming evolves, so do tractors to help us be better farmers. The technology involved is absolutely crazy all to provide us with more precise, accurate information that let us plant, cultivate and harvest more effectively and efficiently.

Have you participated in #tractortuesday on Twitter? Share some of your photos with the hashtag today!




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