February…My Favorite Month of the Year

February-my favorite month of the year! Now mind you, I said month, not season. I don’t like winter. However, February being my favorite month really has nothing to do with the winter weather, unless you count the fact that we are supposed to get up to 35 degrees this week! Going to be breaking out the flip-flops and rolling down the car windows!

See February is a busy month for me. When people ask how do farmers stay busy during the winter season, oh boy do we stay busy!

February Calendar

February is a busy month! Not including homework, social activities and family birthdays!

Every star on this calendar marks something ag related I am attending be it a conference, board meeting, speaking engagement, committee meeting, symposium, or volunteer activity.

Yeap, that is a lot of agriculture in one month when everyone thinks farmers are on “vacation.” I am learning just about everything I can about upcoming ag issues, polishing leadership skills, helping with policy development, getting bee keeping questions answered, going to legislature meet and greets, giving speeches about my farm, volunteering to help out with other ag activities, and more.

I love February because it is a busy month full of ag related business, and I love every minute of it. As a farmer, I consider it my duty to learn as much as I can about agriculture be it changes to technology, new research, better communication skills, or updates on new laws. If I’m going to be not just a good farmer, but a great farmer, I consider all of that part of my farming responsibilities. It isn’t an addition to my “farming job,”  it is part of it and an integral part at that.

Now, I have my mom’s birthday, my sister’s birthday, and a few close friends’ birthdays in February too. So it is a busy month for celebrations! See that big pink heart on the 14th, you might think it represents Valentine’s Day, and it does kind of, but that is my birthday too! So this month is busy with cake in my family! Although we typically get a variety: cupcakes, DQ cake, cheesecake, you get the idea! Cake is how I keep my sanity during a busy February. And yes, the hubs gets off easy with Valentine’s and my birthday on the same day!

Yes, I have a favorite month. Not a single thing has to do with weather, but the opportunities surrounding ag that present themselves during that month. February is full of experiences that I am excited to participate in. Oh and the cake!

Do you have a favorite ag meeting or conference you go to? Or do you volunteer your time to help increase ag awareness? Or maybe you are super busy with family responsibilities-basketball and danceline?




  1. Love that you are spreading the Ag message! The husband and I split meeting duties which means I go to most of them. (Have to love winter time.) Only 48 more days till April 1 and then the race is on!

    1. The husband and I split a lot too. I often am at the day ones because it is harder for him to leave his job, but the weekend conferences are nice when we can both go! I always hate when 2 meetings or conferences are at the same time during the winter-there are so many! We ordered our seed 2 weeks ago so spring planting seems like it is coming up quickly!!

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