Farm Girl Faithism Friday

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to post more “Farm Girl Faithism Fridays!”

So here is my first one of 2014. This photo is from my friend Amy’s wedding I was in back in October. Amy is a fellow farm girl, and we took photos out on her parent’s farm. She gave me permission to use this photo from her wedding on here, and thank goodness she did because it is a sweet photo! Photo credits go to Beth from Clear Photography!

Farm Girl Faithism Friday

Farm Girl Faithism #5 Don’t mess with a girl’s guns!



  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog for my first time this morning! You are doing a great job. I will be a reader from now on. I grew up on a farm and loved every bit of it. I would never trade my farm experience for anything. My Dad raised Beef Cattle, and Spring time with all the calves was my favorite. At a young age, I wanted pigs, my favorite farm animal, but Dad would not raise pigs. I only wish I would have stayed on the farm and lived a life of working with nature and all it’s elements, some good, some bad, but altogether a good clean life. I even married our County Dairy Princess, something about farm girls I love over “City” girls. We have been married 33 years, and we both love to visit farms. We do have 30 acres of our original farm that we plan to do something with. The old adage of, “You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy” will never change. I still get a rush from seeing huge farm machinery, diesel smoke, loud trucks, dirt biking, and yes, the old days of getting a kiss from the neighbor farm girl in the corn field. Farm on!!


    1. Thanks for the reply Allan! I always grew up wanting a horse- and my Dad always said no. He had work horses when he was younger, but if they didn’t serve a purpose on the farm, we generally didn’t have the animal-with the exception of rabbits. My mom took me to get those though…another story entirely! ha! I hope you enjoy spending some time on those acres with your lovely wife! :) There is just something about trucks, dirt, and tractors!

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