Dear General Mills:

My thoughts: Coming from MN, where General Mills is headquartered, I am disappointed in their decisions. If anything, they are adding more confusion to the food industry with this. I hope you read Katie’s post and understand that of course Cheerios don’t contain GM oats-they don’t exist!

Rural Route 2

Dear General Mills:

Well, you caved.

According to this morning’s news reports your original yellow box of wholesome good ‘O’s will now contain no genetically modified ingredients.  Some news outlets are reporting just that.  Others, I’m sure you’ve noticed, are declaring your decision as a victory.  Personally, victory seems to be a rather arrogant assessment of the age-old saying, ‘the customer is always right’.  Because that makes perfect sense that the consumer would be right . . . always, about your area of expertise.  After all, the average Joe and Jane just may have food manufacturer on their resume in addition to parent, lawyer, teacher, doctor, farmer, etc. 

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