Holiday Beauty Swap – Women in Ag, Swapping Beauty Products via the U.S. Postal Service!

During December, I decided to participate in the Beauty Box Swap that Crystal Blin and Jennifer Rohrich were putting together! It seemed like a great way to connect with other bloggers as well as get some different beauty products. I’m a little bit of a makeup junkie-after all I did write a post about farmers wearing makeup– so this was a perfect swap to take part in!

Holiday Beauty Swap!

Holiday Beauty Swap!

I was so excited to get my box in the mail to my beauty swap partner, which ended up being Crystal herself! I was nervous too, wondering if she wouldn’t like some of the products I picked out for her! I got my box in the mail from her shortly before she got mine, and I was scrambling to get it open!

beauty swap box

The awesome products that were in my beauty swap box! We actually ended up sending each other nail files from the same brand! Funny!

Crystal sent this amazing beauty tool called a Wet Brush. Honestly, I want to know where this has been all my life!? I have always had hair that tangled easily from little on, and this brush works miracles! I have always kept a leave in conditioner or detangler on hand, but I now recommend this brush to everyone as it does the trick!

Wet Brush

The wet brush! Seriously amazing! This isn’t an actual photo of mine, as I opened it immediately and used it that evening, but this is what it looks like!

The decals she sent came with two designs- a festive winter moose design and candy cane stripes!

The decals she sent came with two designs: a festive winter moose design and candy cane stripes!


The strips were fairly easy to apply and stayed on pretty well for about 2 weeks! They were fun to wear for the holidays!

She also sent me some supplies for doing my nails as I mentioned to her that I love doing my nails even if they only last for about 2 days! I wore the candy cane striped decals for Christmas and got a ton of compliments from family, co-workers, the doctor I saw at Urgent Care and the lady waiting on me at Caribou! And why purple nail polish? Well, Crystal and I connected over the fact that she is a K-State alum, and I am currently completing my Master’s online through K-State. I had mentioned I kept telling my husband I needed some K-State gear for Christmas so I could represent the Wildcats in Minnesota! I painted my toes purple, but figured you didn’t want to see a photo of my feet!

On top of the purple polish, she sent me this fabulous K-State license plate as my first official K-state purple!

My new "Eat Beef" K-State License plate!

My new “Eat Beef” K-State License plate!

I currently have it up in my kitchen as a reminder to everyone that comes to my house to “Eat Beef!” If you didn’t guess it already from the name of her blog Crystal Cattle, Crystal and her husband operate JJB Cattle Company where they raise purebred Hereford cattle, so the “Eat Beef” license plate fits her perfectly!

Not only did I gain some awesome beauty products from participating in this swap, I gained another friend in agriculture. Crystal lives just south of me in Iowa so I’m hoping one day I can travel to visit her cattle operation and farm. I sort of live vicariously through those that raise livestock since we no longer have any. We’ve been emailing back and forth, and I’m kind of jealous of her most recent trip to Canada to visit her family because her photos of the mountains are spectacular. I really hope they do this swap again sometime in the New Year, as it has been a great way to connect with other women in agriculture and the blogging world!

P.S. Crystal, in case you were wondering, I ended up getting no K-state gear for Christmas (My husband is the last-minute shopper type!) so good thing you sent me my first purple! :)




  1. Love this!! This is so fun seeing what everyone got and the new connections everyone has been making!! Thank you for participating!

    p.s. I am totally envious you could put those nail things on. I tried with some I got in one of my Birchboxes and I failed miserably! LOL!

  2. Sara this is awesome. I hope you have a birthday coming up soon or maybe Valentines’s Day so he can get you some K-State gear! Varney’s is a great place to shop online. We have just started calving so look for lots of baby calf pictures to come. I really hope we do get to meet up in person one day.

  3. You received some great items! Even though I didn’t participate, I am really enjoying seeing what everyone received! I hope to participate in the next swap!

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