Share the Road during Harvest Season

I can’t urge drivers enough to slow down and give farmers room on the road. I personally have a family friend who passed away after hitting the back end of a plow because the tractor was turning and they did not slow down enough. Accidents and tragic stories like that one can be avoided if we all remember to slow down and give the equipment room.
Often, the farmer in the tractor or combine can’t see you. Blind spots are a lot different in a combine than a car!
So please, during both harvest and planting season when you see a tractor on the road, pull off to the side, let them pass or just simply wait. If you can, drive on the side of the road. If you see a farmer blocking traffic, it is for a reason, as a large piece of equipment might be coming through.
Be patient with us. The life you save by slowing down could be mine or your own.



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