AgChat Foundation Conference 2.0

Back in February, I attended a regional training in Rochester, MN for AgChat. In fact, after that conference is when I created this blog and switched from Tumblr to WordPress.  It was a big transition then, and now I’m learning even more on how to better connect with you-my reader! That was how I found out about the conference. So I applied.  I didn’t really think I’d get chosen, but I did. I was ecstatic. This was huge. I’d be sitting next to and in the same room with some of the biggest social media presences in Agriculture. Needless to say, I’ve been a little in awe.

I’m pretty excited about this conference. I’ve already gotten to meet Michele Payn Knoper, founder of Cause Matters Corp. and author of No More Food Fights. If you haven’t read her book yet, I highly recommend it. It is fantastic! She has been one of my idols for about 3 years now, ever since I started Speak for Yourself and was shown a video during my training that she had made.

I got to meet one of my agricultural marketing/social media/public speaking idols today!

I’m really excited about all I am learning and excited to share all my changes on our Facebook page, Twitter and blog with you! I’m hoping to be able to tell my story about farming, life, being a young wife, college, baking, hoarding tendencies (sorry to my hubby!), crafty maven, rural MN, family, photography, and the craziness that is my life with you!

Thank you to those who have taken the journey with me so far! I can’t wait to share more and see what’s next!





  1. Way to go Sara! I am so excited you went from Rochester to now this conference in Charlotte and can’t wait to see where you go with telling your farm story in social media. Keep up the great work! Hope we can chat tomorrow.

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