Life Update: We Bought A House!

Sometimes life gets crazy. Welcome to my past two weeks.

In the midst of traveling to Brainerd for farm visits, Farmfest, deadlines at work, a birthday party, CHS Miracle of Birth Center training, a wedding, drainage seminars and policy development meetings, Mark and I purchased a house and started moving.

It is our first home. A starter home. One that fits into our 5 year plan. Are these two farm kids going to go nuts living in town? Probably.

Outside our new house the evening before we signed our lives away!

Outside our new house the evening before we signed our lives away!

We are now closer to Mark’s home farm which is good for him. I’m not completely sure how I feel about living in town versus out in the country though yet. We had looked at a few places in the country, but for the price they were asking, the house wasn’t much. So we reevaluated, made a few plans, and purchased this little home.

It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, single car garage with a patio and a fairly good sized backyard. It has a finished basement which is wonderful! It has all new appliances, reconditioned hardwood floors, new kitchen cabinets/counters, new carpet and more. For the price and our plan, it was a definite yes.

You can sort of see my 2 flower pots I planted and my welcome mat!

You can sort of see my 2 flower pots I planted and my welcome mat! The house needs a good pressure spray! It needs some landscaping too, but that might come next year!

We are learning to live like “city folk” for the time being. Having our first country kid problem with a dish we made and didn’t know what to do with some of it after cooking. At the farm, we’d put it outside for the cats to eat up, but not here.

I fell in love with the newly remodeled kitchen. It has some amazing lighting.

I fell in love with the newly remodeled kitchen. First thing I did, set up our Keurig and KitchenAid mixer from our wedding present stash!

It is slowly starting to look like a home. I’ve got two of my flower pots outside, and we have been hanging up a few pictures. If I close the door the bedroom that we are using for storage until we find a place  for everything, the place even looks clean! We won’t talk about the fact that our reclining lawn chairs are serving as furniture in the basement for now.

For us, it is a new beginning. The start of our plans for where we want to be 5 years from now. It will let Mark do more of what he wants to do, work on his family’s farm. It puts him closer to his job. It allows us to have our own place, even while I attend graduate school. It is in a great little farming community where you know your neighbors and everyone comes out for Homecoming. It is an adventure, one where we get to make a house a home and we are starting with a comfy couch and kitchen with baked goods happening all the time :) Feel free to send your recipes and organization tips my way!



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  1. Congratulations, Mark and Sara! This is a very big deal, to purchase your own home. Now I’m wondering in which town. You will have to email and share. The kitchen is gorgeous and the house size sounds about like what we have lived in since 1984, minus the nice finished basement.

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