Travel: Destination South Dakota

I wanted to share some of the beautiful photos from our recent vacation to South Dakota!

We had a ton of fun even with a few bumps along the road. When we got there, we noticed our tabs were expired on the camper- whoops! So that was first on our list to get done when we got back. We also ended up losing a wheel off our grill somewhere along the highway, but found replacements once we got home at the local Fleet Farm! We witnessed a pretty bad motorcycle accident on the highway and we both thanked the Lord they were wearing a helmet.

If you are looking for places and things to do in the Black Hills of South Dakota here are my top 5!

  1.  Custer State Park (we hiked, went horseback riding, had a picnic and more! beautiful!)
  2. Prairie Berry Winery  (free wine tasting! Need I say more?! Make sure you try their Red Ass Rhubarb wine- delicious!)
  3. Mt. Rushmore (you can’t travel out there and not see this stone wonder. Makes you feel small, patriotic and wonder why all at the same time!)
  4. Firehouse Brewing, Rapid City (Great food, great atmosphere and funny beer names- Honey badger anyone?)
  5. Art Alley Rapid City (Head to Main Street in Rapid City to find this crazy alley filled with paintings, graffiti and other artwork. It was amazing!)
    Beauty in the Badlands

    Beauty in the Badlands


Mt. Rushmore!

Mt. Rushmore!

On top of a gorgeous lookout in Custer State Park

On top of a gorgeous lookout in Custer State Park

Wildlife at Large throughout Custer State Park

Wildlife at Large throughout Custer State Park




  1. We were just out there as well! Our middle daughter is working at the Black Hills Playhouse in Custer State Park this summer. We ran out of time, so we missed going to the Prairie Berry Winery. Sounds like we’ll have to stop there next time! :)

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