Hewitt Drainage Equipment

The Maverick Tile Finder

The Maverick Tile Finder

Our other business is water. Water management for agricultural purposes.

Hewitt Drainage Equipment specializes in custom tiling, Gold Digger tile plows, tile stringer trailers and more.

That “more” was recently featured in The Land magazine. Hewitt Drainage Equipment has recently expanded its services to feature the Maverick Tile Finder. Tile lines break, become plugged and deteriorate. The part that isn’t fun for farmers is finding where they need to dig to fix that tile line. Old ways often meant digging up a large tract of field, disturbing top soil and losing soil in the process. It was often frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. (My dad was a manager of an excavating company & I remember being out in the field with him digging up and fixing our tile lines…not pretty or fun, but required by law to maintain and better for our soil and crops!) Now, with the help of the Maverick Tile Finder, we’ve been able to reduce the time spent to find the disrupted tile line, time to fix it and the amount of soil that’s disturbed. This also means less money spent on the farmer’s end too.

Pretty cool, huh? At the end of the day, it means that farmers are being more efficient when they need to fix a tile line and they get to make it home in time for supper with the family.

To read the article check out page 19 of The Land magazine or view their E-Edition online by clicking HERE.



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