Ziegler CAT Birthday Party

Mark turned the big 2-5 in March! Woot for a car insurance discount!

I decided that my agriculture mechanic who works for Ziegler CAT, needed a CAT birthday! Only fitting right? Finding stuff that is agricultural themed for birthdays is very difficult unless you want to custom order via Etsy! I did some Photoshop work and made our invites, made the cupcake toppers and then raided my nephew’s toy bin for Caterpillar equipment!

And the main course…BBQ pulled pork sandwiches (raised right at our farm of course!) :)

Check out some of the decor and cupcakes!

We may have had to borrow a few of my nephew's toy  caterpillar equipment.

We may have had to borrow a few of my nephew’s toy caterpillar equipment.


A mechanic has to have tool candles right? I made the CAT cupcake toppers. A little printing of the logo from Google, some scrapbook paper, toothpicks and ribbon and wala…cupcake toppers!


I couldn’t find a tractor balloon! Craziness! So I went with a dump truck. He gets to work on those too sometimes! Caution Tape and black and yellow plates and silverware set it all off!



    1. I think it will probably be a theme that comes back for our future kids’ birthdays! :) I saw one idea where they used a plastic dumptruck as a holder for their chips or pretzels!

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