North American Farm & Power Show 2013

Some of you may know that Hewitt Farms also operates Hewitt Drainage Equipment, an agricultural tiling business. We help farmers with tiling their farm land for efficiency, water management, and crop health.

Hewitt Drainage Equipment

Hewitt Drainage Equipment

This weekend we will be at the North American Farm and Power Show in Owatonna, Minnesota on March 14th, 15th and 16th. We encourage you to stop by booth 712 to check out what we are all about or maybe if you are a farmer yourself, see about how a Gold Digger Tile Plow can help you in becoming more innovative and efficient with your farming practices!

Some of the Gold Digger tile plows we sell

Some of the Gold Digger tile plows we sell

I will say I have been kind of in awe of the type of tiling my husband’s family does versus what my family did. My father worked as a manager of an excavation company, designed and put in a lot of his own tile. Both my brother and I would be out there helping him with the skidloader, a dozer and a backhoe. It was a lot of work. I’ve seen the Gold Digger tile plows barely disturb a strip of soil 2 feet wide, lay the tile, map it all through GPS and be done in half a day. It was quite a change for me to see something like that versus what I was accustomed too. Farming has to become more innovative through technology and more efficient every single day to meet demand and be a sustainable operation. This is just one more way of how we are being efficient, and how we are helping other farmers with it as well!



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