DIY: Storage Drawers Makeover

The before and after version of the cabinets

The before and after version of the cabinets. Please don’t mind the ugly rug underneath the cabinet! That won’t be staying!

Today I completed a furniture redo that had been on my list for quite a while! I purchased a set of storage drawers from a garage sale 2 years ago for $5.00. They were baby blue – not the prettiest color, but I wanted them for scrapbooking storage.

Well, Mark and I are still house searching which means tight quarters where we currently live so we had been using them as a coffee table instead because the drawers were handy for storage for books, blankets, etc. A small space means finding things that do double-duty! The baby blue however really wasn’t doing much for me.

I saw a matte/high gloss paint job via Pinterest and decided to give it a go!

I went to Lowe’s and picked up a matte version and high gloss version of a red color called Heirloom Red from Valspar. They couldn’t do a high gloss from Valspar so they went with Olympic. It made the reds a little different, but it still finished nicely! _DSC0118

I then decided to pick up my own sander instead of borrowing my mom’s. I have a few more projects in mind and everyone knows DeWALT is my best friend :)

I'm a DeWALT girl through and through!

I’m a DeWALT girl through and through!

It took quite a bit of sanding. I think most of the garage had a blue tint to it after that.

_DSC0123I took a break and came back the next day to do the actual painting. I put on 2 coats of the Heirloom Red matte, let that dry for a few hours then set to stenciling!

Before all the stencils!

Before all the stencils!

Top of one

Top of one


Everything still has a “blue dust” tint from sanding! Breaking out the damp cloth to wipe it off…again!

So what do you think of the end result? I was a little disappointed in the paint color difference, but they did warn me about the red being a hard one to get into high gloss with its needed base. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the finished product, but I also learned a lot while doing it! It was a pretty time-consuming project. I’m still debating about sewing a cushion top for it or getting glass cut. They work great as a coffee table for now! Hopefully once Mark and I find our perfect “home” I will be able to use them for their intended use in a scrapbooking room or maybe in a garage as storage for my gardening stuff!

Have you done any DIY furniture re-do’s lately? How did the makeovers go for you? Send me a photo and note! I’d love to see them!



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