Faribault Sertoma Club

As many of you know we speak on behalf of the MN Farm Bureau through a program called “Speak for Yourself.” This program allows farmers to get out there and tell the real story of farming.

This morning, Mark & I spoke at the Faribault Sertoma club. It was a little different because we didn’t have our normal projection screen, but we made it work. This group was awesome! They had a ton of questions after the presentation, and I think we did a pretty good job of answering them and giving some awesome statistics about farming.

One of my favorite statistics (because I love wildlife-both to hunt and watch) is that farmers put over 31 million acres into CRP land every single year, providing over 75% of all wildlife habitat in the US.

How cool is that?!

Overall, the presentation went really well! I’m glad I got to do this one with my husband at my side. The last one I had to do alone and that can get hard when he is the one who is the expert on some of the more technical aspects of the farm!

To find our more please visit www.mnsoybean.org and click on the real story!


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