This Thanksgiving I was thankful to be spending it with my new husband! It was our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. And as most women do, I had romanticized it in my mind- the whole “your first holidays as a married couple” thing.

Guess what got in the way of that?

Yeap, farming!

My husband and his brother went out around 3 p.m. on Turkey Day to plow up fields that they had recently put lime on. The lime was put on after sampling the soil to find it was getting a little depleted.

I enjoyed the rest of my Thanksgiving with my mom and sister, watching old home videos and enjoying turkey leftovers.

Around 9:00 at night, I got the pleading call of “will you come pick us up from the field?” I did my wifely duties (in my pink guitar, fuzzy pajamas mind you!) and went out in the 25 degree weather to pick up my husband and brother-in-law from a field about 12 miles from our house. I’m glad Ray didn’t make any comments about my fuzzy PJ’s! 

How was your Thanksgiving? Was the food delicious? I was thankful for all the hard working turkey farmers that provided everyone a delicious turkey dinner! How about you?



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