Against the Grain

How many of you have hear of the film Against the Grain?

If not, you need to be watching it and find out when it airs on your television.

It is a story following farmers in Missouri during the flooding of the Mississippi as well as the droughts and tornadoes that occurred there.Some of the stories bring tears to your eyes as they fight for their crops, their land and their families. These farmers work to feed millions of people each year, yet their livelihoods depend completely on faith.

The most astonishing facts came from the governments decision to blow up the levee in Missouri on May 1, 2012, and it has YET to be rebuilt by our government, so much so that these 130,000 flooded acres are in danger yet again and we as a nation, could lost out on food again that feeds over a million people in a year. The farmers in the area have invested their own funds into rebuilding a levee that our government should be paying for.

Ed Marshall, a farmer in the video, had this to say about the devastation, “It’s taken me 5,079 truckloads of dirt to fix what the water broke. The cost came out of my pocket. I lost 3,500 acres of 75 bushel per acre wheat that was to be cut in 6 weeks,” he said.  At $8 a bushel, that was over $2 million.”

Click on the photo below to find out more about this amazing show and the struggles that face the farmers, the people who feed our families, on a daily basis.


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