Keep Families Farming

How many of you have heard about the new child labor law regulations regarding family farms? 

If you haven’t please go visit this website HERE

I cannot stress enough how utterly wrong these proposed regulations are. If they would get passed, Derek, Mark’s cousin who has been helping Hewitt Farms since he was 13 would no longer be able to help drive tractor or help work on equipment or anything of the sort. His work on the farm has been a learning experience for him about responsibility, safety and education. The money he earned, help him purchase his 1st vehicle when he turned 16 last year. Its okay for him to drive a huge truck according to state law, but not a tractor according to these new regulations. 

My niece, who is 6, wouldn’t be able to help feed our chickens or rabbit. She loves our silkies, whom she has named- Ruby, Glitter and Lola. Waffle, our rabbit, who gets shown in 4-H, would no longer be able to get shown and my niece wouldn’t be able to help with her. 

I was able to raise 5 cattle from baby on while I was in high school, and use the money for college. It taught me responsibility, the value of life and what it meant to be involved in something bigger than me. If these regulations go into action, I would have never been able to do that. 

4-H and FFA would cease to exist as the kids showing these animals would no longer be able to do so. Now think about that the next time you go to visit your county fair! No animals! 

Any equine facilities that you child may take riding lessons at and then help untack her horse or give her oats- nope, not happening! 

I urge you to visit that website or their Facebook page to see what you can do to help! Post it on your Facebook, send a letter to your newspaper…ANYTHING! 

Just realize that if these regulations go into action they will affect EVERYONE and not for the better! 


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