Chickens & a pig?

Hi All!

I hope you are doing fantastic in this lovely spring weather we are having!

You have probably seen a lot of farmers starting in the fields, digging and applying fertilizer and nutrients to get ready for spring planting. Farmers are busy ensuring the fields will be in tip-top shape for seed. We’ve had a strange winter so farmers are doing their best with the weather to make sure their crop in the fall is a good one. 

So where is my title coming from? Well I’m happy to inform you that our Silkies started laying their eggs this past month! So we now get a few pale, pale brown eggs along with my favorite speckled brown and tan eggs that come from our Rhode Island Reds. 

And, in just a few weeks, a piglet will be making its appearance at our farm. My program at college is putting on a Kiss the Pig event, and I volunteered to take the little guy home afterwards and raise. I can’t wait to get him. I’m sure I will be taking lots of photos so stay tuned! :) 

As the roads once again get busy with those working to put food on your table, please slow down and give the tractors, semis and trailers room. It is for their safety and yours. 


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