Catching up!

It has been awhile since I posted on here! I have been busy with finals and an internship! You may have noticed some new “logo” photos on our Facebook page-courtesy of skills acquired via my internship! :) 

Kevin & Ray are both volunteer firefighters with the Cleveland fire department. On December 3rd they were part of a training burn that took down the Cleveland Elevator. I got to tag along and take photos of it! You can find out more about the burn HERE

The farm has been busy with selling grain, winterizing equipment, selling tile plows, and getting contracts figured out for next year. The paperwork part never ends on the farm! We also purchased a new combine and planter to get us ready for next spring! 

Our chickens have been laying 7 to 8 eggs every day and our fridge is starting to overfill with eggs! If you live in the Cleveland or Faribault area let us know and we can get you some farm fresh eggs! 

We hope everyone is enjoying the unusually warm weather we are having! It has been quite the “brown” Christmas! 


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