The Work Never Stops

Even with harvest season over the work doesn’t stop at our farm.

We are busy putting fertilizer and nutrients on our fields to get them ready for spring planting. One thing we use to help fertilize our land is manure. This usually gives us a good mixture of the nutrients our fields need. 

We are also busy with ripping our fields. This allows the packed ground to be opened back up for better use of nutrients, and it also helps the fields decompose the stalks that are left behind on the field. We want our fields to be healthy so they produce healthy crops so we use nutrients much like you might give vitamins to your child. 

Mark and I finally got our first egg out of our chickens! We were pretty excited about that. We are working on making new nesting boxes for them for winter and getting their coop ready for the cold weather. 

Jeanette planted some Indian Corn this year in one of the fields and created some beautiful corn bunches for fall decorations. We have been enjoying them on our table and porch.  

We have also been busy delivering tile plows to many of the customers that ordered their plows during Farm Fest 2011. The newest tile plow, The Stealth, was in high demand during the festival, but people didn’t need them until after their crops were out of the ground so they could begin to incorporate water management systems into their fields. So Kevin and Ray are busy delivering and servicing the plows as most people have their crops out. 

So we have been busy even though we aren’t combining anymore! The work doesn’t stop out on the farm, and it keeps us busy every day! 


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