We are DONE…sort of!

Combining has ended! This is when we breathe a large sigh of relief as we didn’t have too much go wrong this year! This is cause for celebration yes? Or maybe I’m saying this a little too early. We still have to get out and do some ripping yet. So I will try not to get too far ahead of myself! 

We tried out a Lexion Combine this past week. The picture posted earlier is of the model that was brought out to the farm. We are still undecided between our current John Deere and the new Lexion, but I think we all had a fun time trying it out and putting the two combines head to head for a little competition. 

This week and next, we will be out ripping most of our fields. Mark is planning on being in the fields near Faribault for the weekend. Ray has been busy hauling to and from the elevator in order to sell the crop that we have taken out of the fields. 

It is crazy to think October is almost over! I don’t know about the rest of you but this past month has been crazy busy! We have been busy with birthdays, farming, haunted trails, school, football, work and more! I hope everyone has been enjoying their fall as much as we have! Have a safe and happy Halloween! :) 


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