Faribault fields done

Ray and Mark’s fields are officially done as of today around 10:40 this morning! Yay! Despite breakdowns (we blew an axle seal on one of the semis, and Kevin had to make a run to Mankato for 2 new snouts for the combine after 2 of them were bent on a washout from earlier in the year) we managed to get everything done and either back home or sold to Guardian Energy in Janesville. 

Mark and Ray kept both of my brothers busy as well, driving semi and tractor over the past 3 days. Kevin was busy running semi and getting parts for all of the breakdowns. 

The wind is definitely starting to do some damage on the fields by starting to lay stalks over which can become a challenge for the combine to pick up. Also, with that little bit of rain we had on Wednesday, it was enough for our moisture content to go high enough where we had to haul most of the corn home instead of straight to Guardian. This made it a challenge with unloading at times, because the cart would be full, along with the hopper on the combine and we’d be waiting for a semi to get back. 

We are thankful that we haven’t had anything major go wrong and for a pretty fantastic harvest season this far! 


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