Beautiful Fall Weather

Talk about absolutely beautiful fall weather for harvest season! 70 to 80 degree days in October are very seldom in Minnesota so this is kind of an interesting year. We haven’t had rain in about 14 or so days in Southern Minnesota, which leads to issues both good and bad.

Everything is extremely dry so that means many farmers aren’t having to dry their corn or soybeans this year. We have been pulling corn out of the field at about 9% moisture which its normally around 13% when we put it in the bins.  This is a plus because that means farmers, including us, aren’t paying high propane prices to dry our crop! On a negative side, everything is extremely dusty. You have to proceed with caution on gravel roads, and we want to encourage everyone to really slow down and watch with all the tractors, semis and combines currently on the road. Another issue because everything is so dry are fires. Kevin & Ray are both on the Cleveland Fire Department and were called to the fire out by Pioneer Power where about 30 acres of grassland and crops burnt due to the dry conditions. You can find out more about that story HERE. We had wind advisories out for a few days last week too, and with the dry conditions and high winds, it can actually cause power lines to spark and start fields on fire so everyone was taking precautions in the field. 

I spent about 6 hours out in the combine with Mark today. I also got my first driving lesson in the combine! I was even able to unload on the go which in my family’s farm, we never did. I was quite proud of myself! I will be posting video of that shortly! I also spent the previous night baking cookies to take out to the field for everyone. Derek, Kevin’s nephew, was driving the grain-cart and tractor and he ate a whole container full so they must have been good! 

So far, harvest season is going surprisingly well! We’ve been moving along nicely and the crops are looking fantastic. We will be busy both in the field and delivering tile plows this week. I will be posting some videos and photos within the week so you can get a visual of what it’s been like out in the fields! 

Feel free to contact us at for more information about out farm or to ask any questions you might have! 


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