In the field…

We have officially started harvest! 

As of Friday at 3p.m. we started combining our first field of corn. That makes for the official start and a busy next few weeks!

Ray & Kevin are busy in the field along with Kevin’s nephew Derek driving tractor, and his brother-in-law Darren driving semi. Mark will arrive home next week for a week off from his job at Ziegler in Marshall to help out. 

Right now the corn is running at about 22% moisture, so we are taking things kinda slow on the corn front. We are taking out a lot of the head lands trying to get the fields to dry up a little bit more before we start going full throttle with those.

So in the mean time we have switched to our soybean fields. They are running about average and so far so good. 

On another note, our presentation went great at the Zumbrota Rotary Club. We answered a lot of questions about farming, and taking over family farms. We also answered a lot of questions about why young people choose to go into farming. To find out more about the Speak for Yourself program, please check out our contact page and contact us about it! 


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