Water Management

A large part of ensuring your crops growth is making sure the crops get enough water. As part of the farming business, we also own an agricultural business called Hewitt Drainage Equipment. We sell Gold Digger Tile Plows, tiling supplies and do custom tiling. 

Many people have questioned the practices of water drainage and tiling, especially with the recent flooding we have had in Southern Minnesota. I would like to clear up a few misconceptions about tiling. 

Fact #1 Tiling allows the ground to act like a sponge and soak up even more water. This allows the ground to hold more water. This equals into less run-off into lakes or streams.

Fact #2 This water that is now stored in the ground is used up by crops. This actually helps lower the water table death by up to 3 feet at times. This water is stored in the ground, lowering the depth, and then used for the crops. 

Fact #3 Usually, a dike (a trench type structure dug in the earth) has to be sanctioned and approved by local soil and water conservation districts before it can be completed. 

I am constantly learning about the drainage business as I become more involved here at Hewitt Farms. I have personally found the Gold Digger Tile plows to be a pretty fantastic engineering development in the tiling sector. I grew up watching tiling take place with excavators, skid-loaders and bulldozers, but the Gold Digger Tile Plow allows you to tile your field with minimum soil erosion. 

Want to learn more about the drainage business? Please check out our website HERE

Want to learn more about tiling and water management systems? Check out this resource from the U of MN HERE


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