Checking Fields

Harvest season is fast approaching. We will start harvesting corn in about a month and a half. Part of getting ready is to check how our corn is maturing or growing.

Pictured below are some of ears of corn we picked to check how our corn is doing. Each ear of corn has written on it what field it came from.


Our corn is looking pretty good for the crazy growing season we started out with, some farmers didn’t even get their crop in due to the tremendous amounts of rain fall we started our planting season with! As you can see the corn furthest to the right is starting to “dent” meaning the single kernel of corn is drying up and getting a divot in the middle. This means that it is getting close to being able to be harvested. The other 3 ears aren’t quite as far along in the growing stage but are also starting to “dent” as well.

Oh, and on a side note I now have an official job title of “Corn Cob Writer” employed by Mark & Ray, meaning that I get to label each cob of corn for what field it came from! ;)


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