Future Generations

One reason farming is so important to us, besides it being a livelihood, is the fact that is is preserving our heritage and land for our future generations. 

There has been research that concluded there are 49 growing seasons left in order for us to figure out how we can double the amount of food we grow to feed the growing population. After this year that number will be 48. 

Farms and land are disappearing at a rapid rate. In fact, farm land prices have increased tremendously due to people moving from urban areas to rural, and using the land for non-farming use. 

By keeping our farm in the family, we are ensuring this land stays crop land. We are using it to help national security (Yeap, having enough food is part of our nations security). We are securing that land for our future generations. We are ensuring animal habitats, and protecting our future. 

Also, on a personal note, there is a heritage to family farming. Something about being a 4th, 5th or 6th generation farmer. Farming is something that gets in your blood. This is especially obvious in our family with Ray & Mark farming with their father. It truly is a way of life. It isn’t just a job. 


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